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VLC Business Group is a private group full of dynamic youth which was started from a state-owned enterprise with over 50 year experience in production of paints and coatings. Top target of VLC Group is to make products for benefit of Vietnamese people and continually strive to become a powerful  and wealthy group in Vietnam, delivering its products to all over the World under trademark VLC  - a Vietnamese trademark but ranking International  scale. 

SHP Plaza of VLC GROUP  – the highest building in Hai Phong City in 2017

Hai Phong Paint Joint Stock Company No. 2 (HPP2) is one of 8 members of VLC GROUP. Powder coating of HPP2 with trademark is SELAC has been recognized in Vietnam. Over 1000 products of HPP2 have received trust from customers in fields of constructioin, electrical applications, auto-mobile, stationary, sport tools, household application, toys for children ...HPP2’s produciton proress strictly follow Quality Management ISO 9001:2015 and Environment Management ISO 14001:2015. All our products are safe for users and environment.

Hai Phong Paint Joint Stock Company No. 2 is in Trang Due Industrial Zone.

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